What is Tabs2Go?

Tabs2Go is a flat-pack case that holds four glucose tablets. The case is designed to be slim & stylish so it can be conveniently carried.

Why was Tabs2Go created?

Everyday Glucose CEO Scott Bissinger was diagnosed as a diabetic in 2010. When he was introduced to glucose tablets, he couldn't understand why there wasn't a more portable solution. This frustration lead him to develop the Tabs2Go case so glucose tablets can be carried comfortably and in style.

Does Tabs2Go fit on a keychain?

Tabs2Go has a special key loop on one of the corners designed to be attached to a keychain?

Can I order the product in bulk/put a custom logo on it?

Everyday Glucose has the capability to put custom logos on our cases. Additionally, the company offers bulk discounts when appropriate. For more information, please contact us at info@everydayglucose.com.

Where can I buy Tabs2Go?

On this Website. Click here to be taken to the store