Recommended Glucose Tablets

Here are a list of the tastiest glucose tablets which can be used with the case as well as a list of recommended pharmacies to buy glucose tablets. All of the glucose tablets have been tasted by our team and fit perfectly with Tabs2Go. We not only want to help you be prepared, but have the tastiest glucose out there. Glucose Tablets do not have to taste bad, and these products will make correcting your lows yummy!

You can purchase these products online by clicking on the "click here to buy" link below that will guide you to where you can buy them at I've also found Rite Aid and Target have good tasting tablets as well!

Bottle of 50 Raspberry Glucose Tablets.

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Fruit Medley. This is a resealable bag of 100 Glucose Tablets of assorted flavors. The flavors are Pineapple-Orange, Lemon-Berry, Kiwi-Strawberry, and Passion Fruit. All of these flavors are brand new to the Dex4 line and very enjoyable to eat! This product is available at CVS stores across the country.

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Quick Note, if you buy glucose tablets in the stores I recommend looking for Dex4 glucose tablets. A fair amount of stores sell other brands which I do not find as tasty(the tablets do fit perfectly with the cases). If you have any thoughts or other recommendations for glucose tablets we should recommend please send us an email at or fill out the below contact form